Coal Town Coffee and Tea
Homer Spit - Homer, Alaska

Exceptional Coffee at Home

1. Start with fresh whole beans from a good local roaster.  Coffee is best within two weeks of its roast date.

2. Store your beans at room temperature in a closed container, away from heat, light, and air.  We do not recommend freezing or refrigerating your coffee. 

3. Make sure your coffee grinder and brewing equipment are clean so old coffee oils can’t impart off-flavors to your brew.

4. Grind your coffee right before brewing, and make sure it is the appropriate coarseness for the brew method.  For cone filters or the Aeropress, use a fine grind; for a French press, a coarse grind.  For home espresso, you will need a burr grinder to get a consistent, very fine grind.

5. Measure the coffee.  You will need about 3 tablespoons for every 8 ounces of water; adjust according to taste.

6. Use good (filtered) water at 200 degrees, or just off a boil. For brewing systems where the grounds remain in constant contact with the water (for example, a French press), time carefully and remove the coffee from the grounds at the end of the brewing time.

Check out our detailed brewing instructions for more information on making coffee with a French press or an Aeropress coffee maker.